Adobe Creative Jam

Adobe Creative Jam, Boston

Adobe invites the best designers from select cities to participate in their Creative Jam event. The Boston Creative Jam took place at District Hall on the south shore. There was a one-hour design showcase that highlighted  the work of local creative leaders. At the same time, in the next room, 10 (2 person) design teams competed in the Creative Jam tournament, a 3-hour design charrette showdown. I was honored to be invited by Adobe to compete in this design showdown. 
Everything isn't as it seems

 We came up with the concept of a having a dual perspective of a dandelion. One from far away where the dandelion looks perfect and beautiful where you become hopeful to reach out to grab it and make a wish. And the other close up where you realize that the dandelion is not as it seems.  In our concept the dandelion is covered in bees; even when we obtain our wishes they are not always how we had it envisioned and sometimes that stings.
Boston's District Hall- Adobe Creative Jam 2015
The Setup 
half way point
Photo Credit - LIZ SCHMIDT on twitter- @lizign
Adding Color
Final Design
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